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CaernarfonAfter finalising your booking for your accommodation at a bed and breakfast in Caernarfon, travelling through the Welsh countryside before arrival, unpacking and enjoying a good night’s sleep, it’s time to look forward to all the great things you can enjoy during your stay!

With a population of almost 10,000, Caernarfon is always bristling with life and things to see and do. Situated near the Isle of Anglesey, it was once part of the Kingdom of Gwynedd but in modern times, it is represented as a hugely popular destination for travellers and one of the foremost in the whole of the county of Gwynedd.

Caernarfon is always a popular destination for travellers to North Wales with possibly the biggest lure being Caernarfon Castle. As the place for the current Prince of Wales’ investiture, there’s a lot of history to be breathed in during a walk on its amazing grounds. So amazing in fact, that over 200,000 eager tourists visit each year! There are many reasons why it’s so popular but possibly the biggest of all is that literally covers the entire and much like a similar castle in Conwy, it dominates the area.

If you’re not in the mood for some exploration up and down old castle steps, then there are plenty of other alternatives for you and the family if they’re in tow too! Why not enjoy some racing fun at Redline Indoor Karting or bring out the saddle for the Snowdonia Riding Stables? Both are always immensely popular and as soon as you clamber onto the seat or saddle(!), you’ll instantly know why.

However, the biggest opportunity for family fun has to be granted to Greenwood Forest Park as there always plenty of excitement to be had for the whole family, whatever your age! Be sure to check out the upcoming Easter Eggstravaganza; one of many seasonal events that this amazing destination holds every year.

As well as attractions that are open all year round, this historic town has plenty of special events and activities to catch the eye. Galeri Caernarfon is very much a hub for the arts in North Wales and more often than not has tantalising evenings of entertainment. From Hollywood blockbusters to special performances and exhibitions by local talent, it is recognised as one of the premier venues in the region for good reason.

Interested in a simple stroll around Caernarfon itself? Then there are plenty of boutique shops along its cobbled roads including a garden centre, a camping shop if you fancy staying out in the great outdoors and all the regular shops you’d expect from a modern town.

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