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If you want your holiday to be packed full of adventure and exploration, it’s likely that campervan hire will be your best choice of accommodation and transportation.

You might not have the luxury of a hotel room with its heated towel rails and en-suite, but you’re sure to have a better appreciation of the natural landscape of where you choose to stay.

One such region which is renowned for being a fantastic place to explore in a campervan is our very own North Wales.

Recently praised by the travel guide book company, Lonely Planet, earlier this year for being a beautiful region which has maintained its natural wildness, yet being host to a number of exciting and unique activities – it was bestowed the title of fourth best region to visit in the world.

If you’re wondering why a campervan is the best choice for an adventurous holiday in North Wales, here are some experiences you simply can’t have with anything but a camper van hire holiday:

Dinner in scenic locations.

campervan hireOften, you’ll pay more to have dinner in a restaurant which is in a highly desirable and scenic location. In a campervan, almost anywhere scenic within North Wales can be your dining location. Whether that’s in front of one of Snowdonia’s gorgeous lakes or close to one of its rugged mountain ranges – the world is now your dinner venue. The only downside to it is that there’s a good chance you’ll have to cook dinner yourself (or pick up a takeaway along the way).

Star gazing.

campervan hireIf you’ve found a tranquil place to stop for the night and the weather is dry, take out the camping chairs and enjoy the sights and sounds that dusk brings. It’s a great way to chat and reminisce with the friends and family who are with you, without the distractions of television and other electronics which often get in the way of conversation in day to day life.

On clear nights in the less populated areas of North Wales, there’s a very good chance you’ll see the sky lit up by countless stars. For those who typically live in areas which have light pollution throughout the night, it truly is a beautiful and uncommon sight.

Your dog can enjoy it too.

camper van hireOften, holidaying in a campervan means you can take your dog with you. Most dogs love a good adventure, and here in North Wales there are plenty of hills, lakes and fields for your dog to enjoy and tire himself out in.

Taking your dog with you on your holiday also means you won’t have to deal with the hassle of trying to find a dog-sitter. Just make sure he doesn’t get too muddy before getting back into the campervan!