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Camping has evolved over time, with more types of camping available than ever before. Camping gives us a time to escape from everyday life and be at one with nature for a little while. Camping in Bala nowadays has extra added comforts such as toilets and even electricity!

The basis of camping does remain the same though. Camping originally meant staying in a tent for the night – or a week if you prefer, staying in a motorhome or caravan, or glamping – an easier alternative to tent camping, requiring minimal effort but maximum comfort.

In The Beginning

Camping all started in 1901 by a young chap named Thomas Hiram Holding who, as you may already know, is the founder of The Camping and Caravanning Club, known back then as the Association of Cycle Campers.

The types of tents used in camping have changed dramatically since then – ditching cow hide shelters for some more high-tech materials that are designed to keep you dry in the wettest of weathers. Glamping has taken a step up in recent years allowing campers to access electricity to keep in touch with the outside world, as well as being able to use electrical goods.

The first overnight campsite in the UK was set up in 1913 in Walton and since then has developed significantly. Camping also plays a key role in youth organisations all around the world, which teach skills such as teamwork and independence. You may know them as Scouts or Girl Guides.

Types of Camping

As the popularity has grown for camping over the years, so has the types of camping there is out there. We have mentioned some of the most popular types already including: tent camping, motorhomes and caravans and not to forget – glamping, but there are lots of other newer types to consider too.

Survival Camping

Since the popular survivalist Bear Grylls has been on the scene, survival camping has become really popular. Survival camping allows individuals experience what it is like to survive with minimal tools to get by and using only knowledge, instinct and survival skills to hunt, shelter and stay warm. It is important to note that survival camping isn’t for everyone and should only be attempted by skilled campers.


This may be one you’ve never heard of but it involves running and camping. It’s for those who may have a set challenge to run across the country in a certain amount of days whilst living out of their rucksack. Fastpacking means keeping all the bare essentials with you in your bag whilst making sure that it is lightweight enough to run with. A great alternative to seeing the world whilst on a minimal budget.

Camping Through The Ages
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Camping Through The Ages
Camping has evolved over time, with more types of camping available than ever before. Take a look to see what types of camping are now popular!