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Caravan Parks in WelshpoolWales is a fantastic place to visit. With a wonderful arrangement of coastal views, rugged mountains and lush meadows to spend your day at, there’s a place for everyone.

One of the best ways to see what Wales has to offer is through staying at a caravan park. This is mostly due to caravan parks typically being situated within the heart of gorgeous Welsh landscapes. Stopping in caravan parks, Welshpool, such as Brightwater Lakes Holiday Park, allows you to be surrounded by beautiful and traditional Welsh countryside.

There are quite a few misconceptions about caravans, especially from those who have never stayed in one. They’re simply not just cold metal boxes that you can barely stretch out in – they often offer the same luxuries as hotel rooms do (including en-suites!).

Cooking and heating is no problem with modern caravans – they’ve usually got electric heating throughout, as well as dedicated kitchen areas with integrated cooking appliances.
Some caravan parks are open during December, allowing you to spend a week or two in your caravan during the winter months. Doesn’t sound too appealing? Picture yourself being cosy on the caravan sofa, cup of hot chocolate in hand, watching the winter rain pour down outside.

Caravan Parks near WelshpoolStopping in a caravan park also gives you a lot of freedom. There won’t be anyone waking you up in the early hours of the morning for room cleaning services, and you can step out into fresh air without having to take a lift or descend three flights of stairs before reaching the exit.

Stopping on a caravan park also means there will usually be some useful facilities. Many have tennis courts, swimming pools and games rooms to keep both adults and children entertained over your holiday. If you’re the social butterfly type, it also gives you a chance to meet new people, and perhaps even make close friends with others who have caravans on the site.