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Black Boy InnNorth Wales is known as a historic area and no less so than around the rustic places of accommodation to be found throughout the region during your holiday. One such venue that is rich in history is the Black Boy Inn bed and breakfast Caernarfon.

Since 1522, the Black Boy has been an important part of the local community and despite many facelifts, renovations and tweaks, the spirit of the era is prevalent throughout the whole establishment. It’s this exact kind of prestige which has made it one of the most popular places to stay throughout the whole area and more than likely will still be for many years to come.

Back in the olden days, a night’s stay at the Black Boy is estimated to have cost roughly four shillings and sixpence or 22p to you and me. As it was situated in what was once a red light district, you can imagine what else was included in the price!

By 1828, the Black Boy closely resembled the size and structure it is today after the King’s Arms and Fleur de Lys (both establishments in Caernarfon) were under management from the same landlord. Before this era, the King’s Arms had cannily enough been named as Black Boy.

The origins of the name is possibly the most pondered aspect of the Black Boy Inn with there being three theories that always make the rounds. The first and possibly the most popular is inspired by a young black boy who was brought to Wales centuries prior, the second is related to a buoy that used to lie in a nearby harbour and the third and possibly most plausible is that Charles II was given it as a nickname by his mother. Royalists used to converge on the Black Boy and discuss plans so this very much seems to be the most likely explanation for the name, although there are no certainties.

By being one of the few remaining free houses throughout Britain that is still family owned and operated, the Black Boy Inn has an important place amongst the landscape of North Wales and is an intriguing marker for its history. With rumours of hauntings and strange stories abounding about the Black Boy, it’s just as steeped in mythos as it is known for its high quality food, drink and sleeping facilities. Be sure to email them at: if you require any further information or are interested in lodging.