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Garden View Restaurant CaernarfonIf you are visiting the land of Snowdonia this summer, there are many fabulous places to dine out, particularly near coastal Caernarfon. This historic town has abundant culture including its many sophisticated dining establishments.

The Tyn Rhos Garden View Restaurant Caernarfon is one of the very best restaurants in Caernarfon for its cuisine, setting and atmosphere. It is the ideal restaurant to book if you are looking for that perfect summer holiday ambiance with plenty of luxury.

The Garden View Restaurant is situated near Caernarfon in the sleepy town of Llanddeiniolen in the west Snowdonia region. Its name is aptly deserved as it offers stunning views from its large windows down the long, lush gardens of the Tyn Rhos Caernarfon Hotel. It is set within the remarkably beautiful country house which has been converted into a top hotel. The Tyn Rhos Hotel and Garden View Restaurant presents a beautiful and glamorous setting for your meal and the grounds are breathtaking.

The restaurant offers a variety of areas for you to enjoy depending on your mood. There is the bar, lounge or conservatory to relax in before entering the main dining room which often receives awe-inspiring sun set views in the summer across the garden.

Naturally, the very best thing about this Caernarfon Restaurant is its high quality food. With an experienced team of chefs, the restaurant delivers sublimely delicious and gorgeously presented food throughout the year. This is certainly the place to choose for the best gourmet cuisine in the area. The menu is always inspired and updated regularly with the season and local produce is a top priority.

The restaurant often demonstrates its cooking skills with special gourmet event nights in spring and autumn. You can book to come along and sample fabulous banquets sometimes with as many as eight courses!

The wine list is always spectacular with so many choices of high quality wines under a range of prices.

The restaurant is open from 6:30pm-8:30pm every night throughout the year for residents and non-residents alike so if you are looking for great dining in Caernarfon book soon.