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Portmeirion | Site of Festival Number 6Fans of last year’s boutique Snowdonia festival were jumping for joy as they heard this ‘one of a kind’ festival would be returning for a second year. The début of this music festival with a difference was a big success despite the onslaught from the British weather. If you found the prices of accommodation in the luxurious Mediterranean styled town just a little too much to convince you to go last time then you have really missed out. There are plenty more accommodation options that allow you to experience the best of the festival for a bargain while having access to many more of Snowdonia’s attractions too. If you contact Palewood Holiday Park you can book a caravan or even a gorgeous lodge in Snowdonia and make a proper holiday of the festival weekend. Stay in peaceful, natural surroundings while still being able to enjoy the festival and it does not have to cost the world. The best part is this charming holiday park in Snowdonia is that it is set in the heart of the region so you have easy access to all the best attractions in addition to the festival such as the mountainous areas Snowdonia is famous for, woodland and of course the outdoor sports that come with such beautifully rugged areas.    

Once you have saved up and found the right accommodation you will want to book your ticket for this festival. It is a treat for all music lovers with this year’s line-up including king of alternative Folk/Rock Beck and great acts such as Bonobo, London Grammer, temples, Jim Goodwin, East India Youth and many more. The line-up is shaping up to be a great celebration of unique and talented artists and bands but as those who attended last year will know Festival Number 6 is just as much about the venue as it is the music. The whole attraction of this festival is that it is a far cry from mud filled fields, flat beer and suspect snacks. Festival Number 6 attracts crowds in their thousands in only its second year because of the atmosphere of the town. This weirdly wonderful location in a Mediterranean architecture styled town in the heart of green Snowdonia. With remarkable views and luxurious surroundings the town is a delight to explore as you listen to the melodic tune emanating from the main performance areas. Pop up bars in groves of trees, oysters and champagne stands, banquets in the castle are all part of the big event that is Festival Number 6.

This event is as much about art and culture as it is about music with everything about this festival aimed a unique experience. There will be several bespoke performances in charming but unlikely settings. Portmeirion is sometimes described as a ‘fantasy village’ and it certainly wants to live up to that name during this year’s festival with plans for art trails in the wood and intimate reads in the woodland glades all the while presenting a magical backdrop to a brilliant festival.

If this appeals to you then the festival takes place on the 5th, 6th and 7th of September. Hopefully the weather will be kind and allow this festival to be the best of entertainment. If you like your festivals on the alternative side then festival number 6 is a great one to try and other the years let’s hope it sets a new standard. Reviews of the music and festival itself from last year were highly positive in spite of some windy weather experienced on the last day of the 2013 festival. If the weather stays great this should create a really great atmosphere and attract even bigger crowds. Early Bird tickets are now available so if you want to good deal book well in advance.

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