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Surfboard guyFancy yourself as a bit of a thrill-seeker and keen to do something more than just relaxing in your holiday homes in North Wales? Then you are in fine luck as the hugely-anticipated Wavegarden in Snowdonia comes closer and closer to its grand opening.

For the best part of a year, there has been much speculation about the wave park which will bring in surfers and enthusiasts from all over. As one of the very first of its kind in the world and a further feather in the cap of the already impressive range of attractions available throughout Snowdonia, the high expectations have been merited.

Rather than having to depend on the unpredictable tide, surfers will be able to enjoy simulated waves which make the perfect place to practice and hone skills. They will be able to create waves to specific requirements and it will present a unique opportunity to those who may not have been able to try the sport otherwise.

As expected, the project, which will be at a former aluminium factory in Dolgarrog, received council permission back in April and organisers have been working hard to meet the expected deadline for an opening in Summer 2015.

100 jobs are expected to be created from the construction of the Wavegarden and a further 60 jobs will be needed permanently once the site opens. The Spanish company by the same name agreed the deal with Conwy Adventure Leisure.

In addition, there will be a water slide, wakeboard lake, restaurants retail and play facilities amongst others for visitors for enjoy. The construction of these is being aided by £4m funding from ministers for what is bound to be a huge draw for visitors from far and wide.

Tourism Minister, Edwina Hart, said: “This project clearly supports our strategy in creating new, perception-changing attractions.

“Surf Snowdonia will add a unique facility to an existing cluster of world class activity tourism products in the North Wales region and will drive growth by attracting additional higher spending visitors.”
The project has been well-received by many official bodies throughout the surfing world and Fernando Aguerre of the International Surfing Association said: “Surfing no longer has geographical restrictions – venues can be built away from the coastline efficiently and sustainably.

“We can now reach new surfing participants and fans who have never been to or even seen the ocean.”

If waking up at your holiday homes in North Wales, getting the surfboard out and hitting waves of up to 6ft high sounds like the perfect day out for you, there will only be one place for you to be next summer.

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Surf’s Up For Holiday Homes in North Wales
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Surf’s Up For Holiday Homes in North Wales
Surf's up from Summer 2015 for the amazing region of Snowdonia in North Wales!