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If you want to physically challenge yourself this summer, the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge might just be what you’re looking for. Challenging yet very rewarding, the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge will involve you trekking over the well-known Yorkshire 3 Peaks…all within 12 hours. It’s similar to the original 3 Peaks Challenge which has you taking on our much-loved Snowdon peak.

The entire route offers fantastic views of the Yorkshire Dales, and spans a total distance of 23.5 miles. It’s likely you’ll have to spend some time training for this challenge, as the time limit can make it a fairly demanding task if you aren’t used to typically trekking at a fast pace.

The Yorkshire Dales area is known for its lush green pastures and hills, especially during the summer time. From each peak of the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with superb panoramic views of the valleys – but don’t spend too long taking in the view, you’ve only got 12 hours!

If you don’t fancy taking on the challenge alone, going along with a professional tour organiser can offer a number of benefits, including a much safer journey.

It means you’ll be accompanied by experts who already know the route well, and who are also trained in first aid, should anything unfortunate happen along the way. It also takes away the stress of planning, as the trek will be completely organised for you.

Yorkshire Three Peaks

If you do decide complete the challenge with an activity organiser, your journey will begin at a very small village called Horton in Ribblesdale. Once the sun rises, you’ll begin the journey over to the first summit, Pen-y-Ghent. This peak is the smallest of the three, giving you a bit of a warm up to the challenge.

Pen-y-Ghent stands at 691m, and the journey to the summit typically takes around two hours. You’ll have a chance to see the spectacular views of the surrounding area from the summit, before descending towards the Ribblehead Viaduct for a short break and a much-needed cup of tea.

To reach the summit of the second mountain, you’ll have to endure a long and gradual climb. Whernside stands at 728m, and by the time you’ve reached the summit, you will have walked an impressive total of 14.5 miles within 7.5 hours.

At the top, it will be time for another rest stop with a quick snack, before the rather steep descent to Chapel-le-Dale. This is the final check point of the challenge, and by this point you’ll have walked 17 miles out of the total 23.5 miles.

Challenging and zigzagging, the climb to the summit of Ingleborough will be the last of the challenge. Standing at 723m, atop the summit you’ll be rewarded with views which span across the three peaks.

Once you’ve taken in the final view, it’s time to descend back down to your starting place of Horton in Ribblesdale to celebrate with one of the most refreshing glasses of bubbly you’ll ever have, after 12 hours of solid walking.

Yorkshire 3 Peaks

Taking on the challenge with Adventurous Ewe means you’ll not only have it organised for you, you’ll also be able to take part in their 9 week training programme. This ensures that you’re physically prepared for the challenge, making it safer for you to take part.

You’ll also receive a 15% discount voucher for Cotswold Outdoor, allowing you to stock up on the equipment you’ll need to successfully take on the challenge of the 3 peaks.

Since the weather in the UK can be rather unpredictable, it’s advised that you bring along different clothing for both warm and wet weather. Walking poles are also advised for steep descents and to save your ankles during the end of the challenge.

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The Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge
The Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge can be difficult, yet rewarding. You'll have the chance to take on the 3 peaks of the Yorkshire Dales - all in 12 hours!