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Cycling is a sport much enjoyed by millions each year as a keep fit activity or for competition. Amongst all the fun, it is vital that people still take their safety into consideration as accidents do happen. If you are cycling in Llandudno, here are some top safety tips to take into consideration whilst out enjoying yourself on your bike.

Wear protective gear 

You might be an experienced cyclist and feel like you do not need to wear protective gear, however events and accidents can happen which are out of your control, and if you are unfortunate to end up in such a situation, you must make sure that you are protected. Helmets are arguably the most important form of protective gear you should be wearing when cycling. If you fall off your bike or are involved in an accident, your head is the most important area you’ll want to protect. When embarking on a family cycle, make sure everybody is at least wearing a helmet.

Other protective gear types that you might want to consider are elbow and knee pads, especially if you are wearing a t-shirt and shorts. A fall in such clothing without any padding can be seriously painful, especially on cycling routes with harsh terrain.

Road signs 

To ensure your safety as a cyclist on the roads, keep an eye out and adhere to the road signs along your journey. This will make sure that you are clear on the rules and regulations of the roads, and the actions of any traffic around you. You are much less protected as a cyclist than those traveling in vehicles, so you always need to be aware of your surroundings. If you are looking to avoid the roads and vehicles, why not look for a traffic free cycle, on a mountain trail or other traffic free routes.

Know where you are headed 

Make sure that you are fully aware and confident of the routes and directions that you are heading in, often accidents can occur where cyclists have been caught out by a sudden turning or some harsh terrain that they were unaware of. Do some research into the cycling route so you know what to expect whilst enjoying your ride. 

Know your ability and limits 

If you are planning a bike ride, then always research the trail or route that you are taking beforehand, as some routes can be a lot more difficult than others. Do not try and tackle a cycling route designed for experienced riders, if you are very new to the sport. Of course you want to test yourself and your abilities, but you need to make sure that you use your common sense. The last thing you want is to struggle on a trail and end up injured or having an accident. This is also why it is important to always bring a phone with you, especially if you are heading on a solo ride. 

Bike maintenance

Keeping your bike regularly and properly maintained is key in ensuring you are as safe as you could possibly be on a bike ride. Many accidents can occur due to flat tires, rusty wheels, or even faulty brakes. Look after your bike, and it will look after you!