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Wi Fi PackagesOne of the most important aspects of running any successful accommodation establishment is to provide your guests with the best and most up to date facilities.

Free Wi Fi is now fairly standard in the vast majority of hotels so it is service you cannot afford to be without it. Now, even in the most rustic of accommodation venues, guests expect to have access to free Wi Fi. This enables them to browse the web throughout the hotel so they can look up attractions and even leave you a great review on trip advisor more quickly.

Local Web Design, Web Marketing and IT Support Company Livetech provide comprehensive Wi Fi for hotels in the region of North Wales and beyond. They have already set up reliable Wi Fi hot spots in many of the best local hotels in North Wales and have a Wi Fi hot spot package to suit all sorts of hotels, B&Bs, hotels, holiday parks and inns.

Any service that makes your guests life easier will be a benefit and improve their holiday experience. It is now all part of providing good customer service and attention to detail. Just as you would not want to overlook the cleanliness and décor of the rooms or the quality of the breakfasts you cannot leave guests high and dry when they want to access a service they are used to having at the tips of their fingers every day.

Now that more and more people browse the web on their phones we are able to stay connected longer. Guests may want to contact their families without spending more money on phone bills, free Wi Fi allows them to do this without incurring extra cost.

Installing Wi Fi hot spots is a far more straight forward process than you may expect with help from experienced professionals like Livetech. Livetech are equipped to provide Wi Fi hot spot solutions quickly and cost effectively so there is no reason to see it as a chore. In addition to providing another essential service to your guests your business will benefit in many other ways as you can better market you brand by using a captive portal to make sure guests land directly on your hotel website every time they access the internet.

To find out more about the best Wi Fi for hotels packages available and which is right for you contact Livetech IT Support. Not only do they provide the best Wi Fi hot spot solution but they can help you cut through the technical jargon and get to grips with how the technical aspects can actually benefit your business.

Local Tourism Services - Wi Fi for Hotels
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Local Tourism Services - Wi Fi for Hotels
If you own a local hotel, B&B, inn, holiday park or hostel you should consider installing Wi Fi hot spots in your establishment so your guests can have easy, free access to the internet.