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PalewoodIf you are considering purchasing your very own holiday home, caravan or lodge and are currently researching the best caravan sites in Snowdonia then Palewood has a lot to offer.

There is a lot to consider when researching your holiday home: your budget, the size and style of your lodge or caravan, the location of the caravan site and the type of caravan site.

Everyone’s taste is different but if your focus is nature, woodlands, rural escapes and peace then Snowdonia and Palewood are a perfect choice.

Snowdonia is well known to be home to some of the most beautiful natural scenes in the world. With dramatic mountain ranges, rolling hills, sprawling forests, glades, woodland, waterfalls, river, lakes and an abundance of wildlife it is truly a paradise for nature lovers.

Palewood caravan site in Snowdonia presents a secluded atmosphere, nestled in majestic woodland with its own tranquil fishing pond. Everything about Palewood emphasises peace, serenity and nature. It is an award winning site for its work on environmental conservation, receiving a Gold standard David Bellamy award consecutively for many decades.

It is a five star caravan site in Snowdonia with a range of beautiful holiday homes, caravans and lodges for sale. There is a great variety to choose from to suit a range of budgets from cosy, charming caravans to large luxury lodges. All lodges have the most modern up to date facilities so you can enjoy the natural surroundings in style.

The views at Palewood are truly inspiring and you are not far from Bala, its adorable town and famous lake, as well as Snowdonia and many other famous North Wales attractions.

Palewood is the perfect caravan site for those who love walking, outdoor sports and simply sitting back and admiring the natural beauty all around you.

Top Caravan Sites in Snowdonia
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Top Caravan Sites in Snowdonia
Palewood is a top Caravan site in Snowdonia which has beautiful holiday homes for sale and has repeatedly won the David Bellamy Conservation Gold Award.