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A lot of us are still uncertain of what we can and can’t do during this period of lockdown.We all know we are allowed to have one form of exercise per day, but does that include cycling? Yes, it does. Cycling in North Wales isn’t banned during lockdown but it is important to keep yourself safe still even when you are on your bike. 

We have put together a few frequently asked questions to help you know what you should and shouldn’t do during this time.

I am under 70 and healthy. Can I still cycle?

Yes, of course. There is no reason why you cannot still cycle as long as you follow the government’s guidance, which includes avoiding any unnecessary contact and keeping a safe distance from others (at least 2 meters). To avoid exposure to infection you should avoid going to public spaces and always carry tissues.

Remember that when you return home you should always wash your hands even if you are wearing gloves.

I am over 70 and healthy. Can I still cycle?

Even if you are over 70 years of age, but healthy, you can still cycle, but do so with caution. The government’s latest advice is that over 70’s should remain home for the next 12 weeks to protect themselves from infection. 

PHE has said that if you are in the vulnerable category that you can still exercise but in areas and on routes where you are unlikely to meet others. 

My workplace is still open, can I cycle to work?

Cycling to work rather than using public transport is probably the safest and healthiest option of them all at this time – that is with the exception of taking your car. It is advised that if you are a key worker especially to cycle to minimise the risk of being in contact with others whilst commuting.

Can I ride my bike with someone from the same household?

Yes, as long as you both are well and no one else in your household has symptoms. 

Can I ride my bike with someone that isn’t in the same household?

No, you shouldn’t be in contact with anyone that isn’t in the same household as you, as either of you may be infected without showing any symptoms.

Can I use my car to get to a cycling route?

No, you should only ride your bike in areas close to home. Whilst it is rather tempting to drive to more scenic locations, these places are likely to have more people doing the same thing.

How long and how often can I ride my bike?

The Prime Minister hasn’t stipulated how long you are allowed to ride your bike for however, he has limited exercise to once per day. This doesn’t include if you are using your bike for commuting purposes.