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Are you a biker owner? Do you love cycling North Wales? Take care of your electric bike with these tips to ensure long-lasting performance and good overall cleaning of your bike. 




Before we get into the details of how to look after your electric bike, it is recommended that a service is performed approximately once a year. This will ensure all safety protocols and the performance of the bike is at full capacity. 


Air, Brakes, Chain


Before setting off on your next bike ride, make sure to check the air in your tires, brakes, and chain to ensure your bike runs well during the ride. Making a habit of checking these before every use will help long-lasting bike performance and ensure your safety is assured. 


Looking at the side of your tire, check the recommended tire pressure here.


Squeeze both front and rear brake levers to check these are working effectively.


Make sure the chain is kept lubricated to ensure smooth movement of the chain’s engagement with the cassette sprockets and chainrings. You should use lubricant on top of each link on the chain, allowing its way to work through the entire chain. To note, wiping off excess will reduce the risk of dirt entering.


Checking for general wear and tear is also a good way to analyse any small or major issues with your electric bike. A couple of other tips to think about when looking after your bike could include:


  • Avoid storing the battery with a flat battery
  • Use bike shampoo if you need to remove heavy dirt
  • Use a battery cover to keep dry and away from dirt


How To Wash Your Bike


As batteries stored in electric bikes will be covered, it’s unlikely that water will seep through. To note, you should still avoid using a powerful jet wash to wash your bike as this may result in broken seams of paint fades. 


In contrast, using a low-power jet wash will be safe, or keep it simple with a bucket and sponge. If you’ve been on a muddy bike adventure, you’ll want to find a way to remove dirt and mud. There is a range of bike cleaning products available for you to use safely.


Of course, always check that the bike has been turned off before washing. Sometimes, the battery contacts may require cleaning. You can do this by using a soft, dry cloth to gently clean the area and keeping it stored in a battery cover. 


Storing Your Electric Bike


An electric bike should be stored in a cool, dry area and away from direct sunlight and high humidity levels. This could be a garage or shed, depending on the size. To avoid general dust sitting on your bike, purchasing a heavy duty bike cover may be beneficial. This will also reduce the risk of normal wear and tear and possible scratches on the bike.