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Making an appearance at this year’s Llandudno Christmas Fayre; the Lord of the Wings. The group is a Public Interests Company whose purpose is to take birds of prey out to events such as these, educating people on wildlife.

A first hand experience of wildlife furthers that feeling of actuality within public consensus, that these animals are real, living organisms and not just something occasionally featured on a documentary.

Taking a hands-on approach to education, Lord of the Wings (formerly Cymru Falconry Friends) bring their majestic feathered friends to roost all across the area. “We actively encourage people to ask as many questions as possible, and to stroke and touch the birds.”

Getting people involved this way aims to build knowledge and confidence with Birds of Prey. The staff are very talkative and friendly, and are really keen for people to learn about these amazing avian beasts.

These birds are all hand-reared, meaning that they are very used to human contact and have been throughout their entire life, which makes them brilliant specimens to get as first hand experience with.

Founder Kevin Bunn, an ex-security guard who accidentally discovered a love of birds, established the group by just getting volunteers who were only too keen to help out. Now their band of bird-keepers are bringing feathers and falconry to tourist spots all over. Among their ensemble is an ashy-faced owl from South America and a whiskered screech owl from Texas.

The birds were very good at having their picture taken!

Look out for Lord of the Wings at an event near you soon.