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When it comes to unique days out and exhilarating activities, North Wales is possibly one of the best regions in the UK for it – and perhaps one of the best in the whole of Europe.

We’ve got everything from zip lines to lagoon surfing – all within a fairly short distance of each other. If you’re planning to visit North Wales on a holiday, staying in an hotel near Zip World means you’re no further than an hour away from all the other fantastic activities within the region.


Of course, the natural landscape of North Wales is enough to keep you entertained. With a large number of walking routes and natural landmarks, especially within the Snowdonia National Park, those who enjoy the great outdoors will relish the opportunity to get outside and explore.

Whilst you’re here though, you may as well have a go at the incredibly unique and brilliant activities that the region has to offer. Take Bounce Below, for example. If you’ve ever enjoyed trampolining in the past – you’ll love this activity which has been created by the team at Zip World.

Situated deep within a formerly active Victorian slate mine, Bounce Below gives you the chance to trampoline in the depths of an atmospherically lit cave. Giant slides, the height of two double-decker buses will transport you to the different trampolines – and there are 6 levels to explore.

Bounce Below is a fantastic activity for both adults and children, but if you’re looking for something a little more exhilarating, zip lining should be on your list.

Credit: rembeatz/Blazing Minds @ Flickr

Credit: rembeatz/Blazing Minds @ Flickr

Also one of Zip World’s creations, Velocity is an incredible zip lining experience which takes you 500ft above ground, and lets you fly over a slate quarry at speeds of over 100mph.

If you can keep your eyes open, you’ll experience panoramic views of the Bethesda quarry lake, as well as the surrounding coastal views of the Isle of Anglesey. This particular zip line is the longest in Europe and very impressively, the fastest in the world.

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, and those under the age of 10 are unable to take part for safety precautions.

For younger thrill seekers who have to miss out on Velocity, Zip World offers the Skyride experience. This 5-seater swing hoists its guests 80ft in the air, before dropping down (but only after one member of the group pulls the lever!). You’ll have fantastic views over the Conwy valley on the Skyride swing – and once again, it’s the first and highest in Europe!

If you’re not a fan of heights, you might want to try the activities in Surf Snowdonia. This artificial wave pool in Dolgarrog is fantastic for surfing beginners, as you can learn in the comfort of knowing you won’t get washed out to sea!

Snowdonia Surfing

There are a range of activities to try here, including the popular Crash & Splash Lagoon. This assault course will have you testing your fitness levels – with climbing walls, monkey bars, spinning balls and rope bridges.

Once you’ve completed the challenge, you’ll get to have a go on the catapult, which sends you up into the air before crashing into the water below – trust us; it’s more fun that it sounds!

The catapult, which is also known lovingly as the ‘blob’, is a huge 10 metre long inflated tube. One of the team will sit on one end of it, whilst the other leaps from above onto the other end, catapulting then through the air.


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Activities To Try in North Wales
North Wales is packed full of opportunities for adventurous days out - here are a few of the most unique activities in the region.