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What’s good about North Wales and Snowdonia to family holidays? Well, let me tell you! The scenery is simply gorgeous and there is always loads to do for kids – from cycling to visiting attractions and sightseeing tours. For cyclists, it’s a must to take your own bike because the cycling in Snowdonia & North Wales is absolutely breathtaking; there is so much to discover and magnificent views on each road you turn down. For families, there is the option of staying at a self-catering family cottage in one of the region’s charming little villages or you could choose to stay in a holiday park such as Bude to Aberdeenshire – the perfect base from which to explore the region.

The route you take depends largely on which cycle track you choose to cycle on, but there are some common points that you can expect to come across. For example, in North Wales there are several cycle tracks around Snowdonia and this means that cyclists can reach the summit of the Snowdonia Mountain just days after arriving at their destination. Most cyclists prefer to cycle on the bypass road that runs alongside the mountain; however, if you are experienced in cycle touring you may find it easier to cycle on the main road. Keep in mind that Snowdonia is not the easiest of cycling locations and you may find the roads a little rough after a heavy snowfall.

When you visit North Wales there are numerous cycle routes to follow. However, if you want to save time you can try out the popular Snowdonia cycle routes that have not been overly beaten down for tourist use. These routes are usually well signed and easy to follow, especially for beginners. There are numerous cycle routes in North Wales that offer a wide variety of scenery and difficulty levels. Biking in the north west of Wales offers you an exhilarating experience as you travel through the beautiful landscape, valleys and streams.

If you prefer a more challenging route then you should consider cycling on the A5 railroad that runs through the centre of north Wales. This rail road runs past stunning mountain views, as well as offering spectacular mountain biking. However, cycling on the A5 is often quite challenging and therefore not recommended for first timers. You will also need to take a good amount of care when passing through the Welsh borders as part of your cycling routes in North Wales.

Part of cycling North Wales doesn’t stop with the tracks however as part of your cycling trip, you should try to take part in some of the culture of the region. For example, the Welsh people are passionate about cycling. Therefore, if you cycle through the famous Colwyn Bay cycle path you will be able to witness the people’s passion for cycling first hand. Cycling in the north Wales can be a great way to see some of the local sights as well. For example, during July there is the Boating festival which showcases some of the local culture. You may even be lucky enough to witness the bathing of the dog in Llangollen.

No trip to North Wales is complete without trying out some of the mountain cycling that Wales has to offer. In fact, if you don’t like cycling on the flat terrain of the South Wales valleys then you will definitely want to try mountain cycling on the rolling hills that are found in the north west of Wales. Many cyclists choose to cycle during the day as opposed to riding their bikes at night. Some of the best cycling routes in north Wales include Llangollen, Cemaes, Amwlch, Beaute, Cameas and of course Snowdonia.