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Family holiday parks in North Wales and other regions of the the UK are a great way to keep the children entertained on your next family holiday. In this article we look at the top 5 features to look out for when booking a family holiday park. Although each holiday park will have different amenities, nearly all parks have the activities listed here.

Going on a trip to a holiday park for a few days can be the perfect way to spend some quality time away with family, friends or a partner. There are a few things you should identify before going ahead with the booking process, and here we hope to help outline them. Different holiday parks have different facilities and amenities. You will find holiday parks in all shapes and sizes, containing holiday homes, lodges and caravans all available for rental and often for purchase.

Look out for the following features of a holiday park before booking your place:

    • Entertainment Venue: This is where lots of the fun happens! Usually, this entertainment venue will have activities suitable for children and adults throughout the day and may play as a night venue for discos, quiz nights, food halls and much more. Some holiday parks will use one ‘multi-use’ venue, whereas another may have separate building for separate activities. If you are partial to a drink or a boogie whilst on a holiday break, make sure your holiday park has this facility, or there’s one located within close proximity.
    • Play Area: A playground is a common feature of Holiday Park and is important to have for those bringing those energetic youngsters along. Depending on your children’s requirements or preferences you may want to double check there is a suitable adventure playground located within or close to the holiday park.
    • Swimming Pools: Everyone loves a good swim, especially on holiday! If this is important for you, then make sure that you find a park with onsite pool access or nearby access. Some holiday parks will have indoor, outdoor or nearby swimming pools, so check it out before you visit.
    • Amusement Arcade: Often a feature of holiday parks. These usually have some fun video games and slot games, along with those penny machines! Games like pool and air hockey may also be available, meaning you have a fun place to go should it rain!
    • Overall Park Location: Most holiday parks are situated in fantastic areas. They are generally amongst some fantastic views, scenery, attractions, activities and maybe the sea!  If something in particular such as beach location is important for you, then checking out the holiday parks.


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