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surfing sport

Welcome to our Wales Surfing Guide page - This page will help you get started with Surfing in Wales. For a comprehensive list of Surfing Resources see our Links Directory.

The Welsh coast boasts some very good beaches catching the sun and covered in lovely sand. Thankfully this means swimmers and tourists tend to stay away from the beaches that have the best breaks.
The best is had at Freshwater West boasting waves up to 6-8 foot; above that it is unsurfable. Also avoid it if you are a beginner and not a very strong swimmer as it has very strong rips and huge surf (people do drown there, some only just make it). It also has a reef break running at high tide.
In North Wales Hell's Mouth on the Llyn Peninsular is fairly consistent (and can also become too big or be blown out) see webcam for current conditions

clean surfLearning to surf
If you wish to learn to surf talk to people. Surfers and people in surf shops are normally happy to give advise to beginners. Although its best to avoid starting on more serious beaches as they will get annoyed if you get in the way or do anything stupid (especially dropping in). If you do you will be shouted and sworn at, and hated by basically everyone on the water.
The BBC provide useful information on their site, both for conditions and for beginners at
Equipment (board and wax) can be brought easily from the right shops. It is recommended you buy cheap or second hand boards to begin with; until you learn which type or board you like and are comfortable with. That said make sure it is usable and not severely damaged, check the surface for any signs water may have entered the board or damage to the fin(s) or how they are attached. Alternatively bring a surfer with you and let them look at it.

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