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For anyone interested in skating there are only a few pointers you need to know. Most important of these is to have a relaxed attitude to things; if (when) you mess up you have to just shrug it off and continue. A similar principal applies to safety equipment, you dont use it (unless you are forced to) or you are doing something with a serious risk of fracturing your limbs or skull. Although if you are very young or horribly unconfident it may be tolerated.

Wrist protection is strongly advised until you become competent as they are very easy to break or sprain if you fall. Secondly, you are doing this with your mates dont take it seriously. Thirdly, your doing this because its fun and you want to do it, not because its easy or because you are trying to impress people, however you still have to look right and act right otherwise people will think youre just doing this to pose. Due to the nature of the sport there is no regulatory body, so you go where you want with whatever gear you want and there is no one who can say anything different to you, unless some council has banned it on whatever pavement/car park you are on.

There are facilities provided in some areas as skaters complained about being thrown off everywhere. If you intend to lear to skate, just do it. Buy a board or blades you think wont break to easily and go out with your mates. When youve learned enough to need better equipment (or think it doesnt look right) get it. Feel free, if your confident enough, to go to a skatepark and try stuff: you may be laughed at but you dont care, your just doing this to have fun.

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Evolution Skate Parks

Creigiau, Wales (6th september 05) Our latest installation in Creigiau, Wales incorporates a 12ft wide 4ft tall mini ramp within a street course. A flat bank hip connects the mini ramp to a 12ft wide...


Ferndale Skate Park

IMAGE Ferndale, Rhondda Cynon Taff

Ferndale Skate Park based in the heart of the Rhondda is the only indoor Skate Park in Wales. Now with outdoor BMX track it attracts skaters and riders from across South Wales


Skate Extreme - Newport

Skate Extreme has been around for quite a while now, and has a few face lifts in it's time. It's current layout is the best it's had so far. As you walk in you're immediately faced with a small drivew...


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